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Clutch Spring Set Sport
Clutch Spring Set Sport
Our Price: $19.98 $19.98

Spring Set for Delta and fly Clutches to upgrade for Sport performance more info
Clutch Springs MHR
Clutch Springs MHR
Our Price: $28.95 $28.95

MHR Racing Spring Set for Delta and Fly Malossi Clutches more info
Our Price: $43.95 $43.95

Fly Clutch for 90cc
Fly Clutch for Automatic Scooter
Our Price: $69.95 $69.95

The new automatic clutch, is the result of the experience that Malossi engineers have accumulated with the Delta Cutch® adjustable automatic clutch.
This new clutch has been designed and constructed to adapt perfectly toa standard vehicle and guarantee impeccable performance on all occasions.
The Fly Clutch® automatic clutch is supplied pre-calibrated accordingto instructions supplied by our engineers after exhaustive testing on accelerometerbenches to check the reliability of every part of this new Malossi product.
Therefore, the Fly Clutch® is a high-technology replacement that offersmaximum reliability and extremely long life: a state-of-the-art componentfor all racing scooters.
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Strongest Belt Manufactured
X Kevlar Belt
Our Price: $69.95 $69.95

Now in addition to the Special Belt and the Kevlar Belt, samples of strength and performance, Malossi ago fray his latest creations ... the X and the X Special Belt Kevlar Belt.
Greater strength and durability for both street and sport.  An absolute must for the racer
more info
Improved control for DDR 90
Variator Multivar for scooter and ATV
Our Price: $79.00 $79.00

Variator for increased performance and Control more info
Adjustable MHR Clutch
MHR Performance Delta Clutch
List Price: $125.00 $125.00
Our Price: $99.00 $99.00
You save $26.00!

Delta Clutch was born in the racing scene as an irreplaceable tool. On track it has allowed the Malossi team mechanics to adjust automatic clutches of the scooters rapidly and accurately, depending on the type of track and the type of engine tuning.
The perfect operation of this automatic device is fundamental to obtain a good start from standstill, and to exit from tight bends where the speed of the vehicle decreases. The advantages offered by these clutches when compared with the standard ones are huge, even for a road vehicle, because they allow sophisticated tune-ups for a very wide range of engine revs.
Delta Clutch is marketed with a sport tune-up, coupled with a range of optional accessories that allow for a race setting at the highest levels.
Delta Clutch is adaptable for both competition and city and sporting use: these clutch assemblies were designed by Malossi, who is directly is in control of their production,materials choice.
After fitting, each clutch assembly is balanced on a special computermanaged machine, within values around 3/10 of a gram.
Delta Clutch is supplied assembled and set for road and sporting use, with three white small springs with a 1,6 mm-diameter wire.
Two springs sets, one for road use, art. 29 8746 , and one for racing use, art. 29 8747 are supplied on request, which allow to increase enormously the Delta Clutch setting range.
We all know that clutch behaviour only affects acceleration, and not speed, the- refore there are no certification problems for these devices.
This is even more stimulating in creating other novelties to satisfy our customers.
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PISTON KIT 50mm 12pin
PISTON KIT 50mm 12pin
Our Price: $99.90 $99.90

50 MM piston kit with 12mm piston for big bore kits more info
DRR Variator MHR
DRR Variator MHR
Our Price: $115.95 $115.95

Specially designed for the 90cc DRR ATV, this MHR variator is the finest high performance addition you can make.  It suits the Big Bore Kit in addition to regular MHR kits more info
Our Price: $429.00 $429.00

Newest over range kit for DRR 90 ATV designed for the racer more info
50mm STROKER KIT 44mm
50mm STROKER KIT 44mm
Our Price: $749.00 $749.00

Malossi Tuned Modular Cylinder Kit
Requires Crankshaft 538009 or 5312810
ALUM-CYL-47.6 H2O 7T MHR TEAM modul-head-TUNED
1175 $1,175.00 $1,175.00
Our Price: $1,175.00 $1,175.00
1129 $1,115.00 $1,115.00
You save $60.00!

The new MHR MODULAR-HEAD CYLINDER KITS are the natural evolution of the MHR MALOSSI line. The result of the research of its engineers, they have been a decisive factor in the victories of the official national and European teams in the cross and speed trophies. Malossi is happy to be able to guarantee that all riders taking part in the coming season National and European Trophies will have a product offering excellent quality and performance.
- Material: special aluminium alloy with high percentage of silicon and titanium that guarantees exceptional strain strength even at high temperatures.
- Heat treatment: special quenching and stabilising treatment that gives the material increased toughness and strength, guaranteeing that mechanical and size specifications will remain unaltered for temperatures of up to 250 °C.
- Chip-forming machining: carried out on NC machining centres with extremely-limited size and shape tolerance (roundness, perpendicularity).
- Inner surface coating: effected using silicon carbide on a nickel matrix with heat treatment that guarantees extreme hardness (around 600 HV0, 1/5) and excellent resistance to wear.
- Internal machining of cylinder: using special machines that allow a degree of finish on the cylinder barrel walls whose roughness corresponds with the angles set at the design stage (grinding process using special stone).
- Port and exhaust diagrams: designed and manufactured especially for racing. The definition of the port and exhaust diagrams has requested considerable effort on the part of our engineers both on engine test stands and the circuits on which the trophy is held.
- Material: special aluminium alloy with a very high percentage of silicon and titanium that guarantees both excellent heat resistance and strain strength upon temperature variation.
- External coating: graphite coating that guarantees a very low friction coefficient.
- Structure: reinforced in order to offer resistance to the stress suffered by cylinder units used for top-level competition, but at the same time light enough to reduce inertial force.
Ring in very strong modular cast iron with ground, wear-resistant, hard chrome metal-spray coating on the contact surface.
The new Malossi modular head has been specially created to guarantee elimination of the notable amount of heat that develops in an engine with a very high specific horsepower designed for racing.
It consists of a head in special hardened and tempered aluminium alloy with high silicon content that is fixed directly to the cylinder barrel. It is lapped over its entire outer surface by the coolant thus guaranteeing a very large heat-exchange surface. In addition, being unattached to the internal walls it is free to follow the expansion of the cylinder.
The combustion chamber is entirely manufactured using numerical control machines in order to ensure shape and size tolerances to within just one hundredth of a millimetre.
The modular head system is completed by a cover that closes off the upper part of the cylinder, thus guaranteeing that the coolant is fully sealed.
The geometry and cross-section of the combustion chamber for this cylinder unit have been specially designed for use in the Scooter Speed Trophy and Scooter Cross Trophy.
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Italkit for Minerelli L/C  70 conversion 12pin and modular head
Italkit for Minerelli L/C 70 conversion 12pin and modular head
Our Price: $32,900.00 $32,900.00

All aluminum high performance 70cc kit for Minerelli L/L 50 cc engines. This kit uses 47.6 diameter piston more info