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Red Sponge Air filter
Red Sponge Air filter
Our Price: $6.98 $6.98

for original filter box
Self-extinguishing, expanding polyurethane filter elements with an increased air and filtering capacity, designed for sporting applications. You can recognise Red Sponge immediately by its distinctive Malossi red colour and the yellow trademark.
Our Price: $8.99 $8.99

Antifriction fifth wheel for variator contrast spring

A secret from Malossi racing department
Light, perfect: a technology extract in its simplicity; design and formula of the materials are registered.

Abstract from of Malossi Engineering R& D department archives
MHR Brake Pads
MHR Brake Pads
Our Price: $12.95 $12.95

Race Track born but perfectly suited for the chaotic conditions of city traffic. MHR Pads are slower to reach optimum working temperature but provide exceptional braking at elevated speeds where deceleration is need the most.
558132 TC Unit Electronic controller
558132 TC Unit Electronic controller
Our Price: $34.99 $34.99

Each electronic coil model was expressly studied for the scooter it will be fitted on, and this is the reason why after endless tests on the bench, on rollers and on the racing track an optimal start up map (fixed or variable) has been prepared in order to obtain the best performances of the vehicle. The Malossi electronic coils were designed to allow also a very easy assembling, since they are interchangeable with the original boxes. They are compact and ergonomic, so they can be connected perfectly to the original connectors.
Furthermore, these coils allow the elimination of the rpm limiter installed on some standard power boxes, enabling in this way the full exploitation of the engine's power and torque even at the highest regimes, up to 20.000 rpm. These electronic coils are based on capacitive discharges, therefore they allow maximum limitation of circuit transients during voltage discharge, while obtaining a virtually perfect peak voltage on the spark plug (35.000 - 50.000 volts depending on the engine regime); moreover they grant extremely high discharge voltages and currents with surprising steadiness with respect to engine rpm variation.
Fly Clutch (non adjustable) Automatic Clutch
Fly Clutch (non adjustable) Automatic Clutch
Our Price: $79.95 $79.95

Fully Automatic non adjustable clutch
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318640 70cc MHR Replica Cylinder Kit
List Price: $325.00 $325.00
Our Price: $165.00 $165.00
Sale Price: $100.00 $100.00
You save $225.00!

The MHR Replica line of cylinder was created especially for the International Scooter Trophy ­ 70cc Automatic Class. These cylinder kits were designed to guarantee maximum performance in this category, while at the same time assuring extremely long product life.

In order to guarantee these special characteristics, Malossi MHR Replica cylinder kit have pistons with two chrome-plated rectangular segmants and a compression ratio of 13.8:1, plus torque value of 7.35 N.m. (o.75 Kgm) at 8.000 rpm and power of 6.6 Kw (9 C.V.) at 8.500 rpm.
Torque Driver
Torque Driver
Our Price: $149.00 $149.00

Mobile Driven Split Pulley
Malossi Cast Iron 70cc Peugot Cylinder Kit
Malossi Cast Iron 70cc Peugot Cylinder Kit
Our Price: $199.00 $199.00

70cc Malossi Performance Cylinder Kit for Peugot Looxor,Metal X, Speedake,X-Fight and Speedfight 2 Stroke air cooled scooters